Quality Control & Slitting

The FALKO Quality Control & Slitting machine removes defects and cuts wider UD tape master rolls into smaller rolls for tape-laying purposes. The machine has been developed with the strict regulations and demands of the aerospace standards in mind. Combined with the FALKO ATL, you can create a a manufacturing process that is fully in line with these requirements.

  • Very high slitting accuracy
  • Fully adjustable slittign widths
  • Effective splice processing through ultrasonic welding technology
  • Aviation and aerospace regulations approved

Quality Control & Slitting: Accurate control and cutting for thermoplastic composite

The FALKO Quality Control & Slitting machine is developed to meet the strict requirements in aviation and automotive industries. This machine removes defects and cuts wide UD tape master rolls into narrower rolls for tape laying purposes. Combining the FALKO Quality Control & Slitting machine with the FALKO ATL creates a fully aviation-qualified production process.

Extremely high slitting accuracy

The FALKO Quality Control & Slitting machine offers extremely high accuracy in cutting the UD tapes. This ensures the tapes are cut to the most optimal width for the tape laying process, resulting in efficient and high-quality outcomes.

Adjustable slit widths

The FALKO Quality Control & Slitting machine allows for freely adjustable slit widths. This enables precise customization of the cutting process to meet specific project or application requirements. This flexibility contributes to delivering tailored solutions for various industries.

Effective splice operation using ultrasonic welding technology

The Quality Control & Slitting machine utilizes ultrasonic welding technology for the splice operation of the UD tapes. This ensures an effective and reliable connection between the tapes, guaranteeing the quality of the end product.

Reliable processing of thermoplastic composites

FALKO Technologies provides reliable and cost-effective solutions for processing thermoplastic composites. Through techniques such as slitting, FalkoCAD CAD/CAM software, and ultrasonic welding technology, we ensure efficiency and quality in the processing process. The produced thermoplastic composites have superior properties such as lightweight, strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and weldability. This opens up endless possibilities for applications in various sectors.

Putting an end to costly applications

FALKO makes the processing of thermoplastic composites faster, reliable, and cost-efficient. By employing techniques such as slitting and advanced ultrasonic welding technology, FALKO offers a solution to expensive and complex processing processes. The result is a semi-finished product that is lightweight and highly durable, suitable for various high-quality products and components. FALKO provides reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the thermoplastic composite processing process.

Groundbreaking innovation

CAD/CAM software and ultrasonic welding technologies are combined in the development of the FALKO Quality Control & Slitting machine. This machine offers a unique and groundbreaking innovation for the processing of thermoplastic composites. By precisely cutting the UD tapes and using ultrasonic welding technology for the splice operation, the highest achievable quality of the laminate is guaranteed.

High-quality standards

With slitting, defects are removed from the UD tape and prepared for tape laying. FalkoCAD CAD/CAM software determines the optimal laying strategy, while the real-time gap and laminate verification system verifies the entire laminate and the position of each individual UD tape during production. This ensures the highest achievable quality standards in the processing process.

Affordable and efficient

The FALKO Quality Control & Slitting machine not only offers high-quality standards but also cost-efficiency and efficiency. It minimizes waste of valuable material and provides freely adjustable slit widths for customized solutions. Moreover, the ultrasonic welding technology enables faster processing time and allows for repairs and corrections during production. With a production capacity of up to 450 m2 per hour, depending on the material and configuration, the FALKO Quality Control & Slitting machine is suitable for mass production of thermoplastic composites.

Future-oriented applications

The possibilities with thermoplastic composites are endless. The lightweight, high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and weldability of the material make it suitable for various sectors. From aircraft and cars to wind turbines and sports equipment such as hockey sticks, the application possibilities are wide-ranging. Discover the opportunities that FALKO offers and create the products of the future.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness

FALKO strives for a better world and considers sustainability. The processing process of thermoplastic composites is energy-efficient, and the material is 100% recyclable. This results in a low carbon footprint and contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the lightweight nature of thermoplastic composites leads to lower fuel consumption and higher energy efficiency in the transportation sector. With FALKO, you not only create high-quality products but also contribute to a sustainable future.

FALKO Quality Control & Slitting machine: the reliable and efficient solution for processing thermoplastic composites.



Quality Control & Slitting


  • Automated quality control available through vision & sensor technology
  • Automated removal of defects
  • Efficient ultrasonic welding technology for splicing
  • Automated splice marking
  • Slitting of variable widths
  • Integrated ventilation
  • Integrated controlled security system
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